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President Luo Zhao's speech at the 2016 Senior High School military training report performance and opening ceremony
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Distinguished leaders, instructors, teachers, and dear students,

   Hello, everyone!Thanks for your hard work!
  Today, we gathered in the playground of Susong Middle School to hold the 2016 freshman military training performance and opening ceremony。This is a good opportunity,On behalf of all the teachers, students and staff of the school, I would like to express my highest respect and heartfelt thanks to the leaders of the county Armed Forces Department and all the instructors who support the military training work of our school!I would like to express my sincere greetings and warm welcome to the leaders of the county Education Bureau who visit our school to guide our work.My sincere condolences and best wishes to the hard-working teachers and every new student!

    As a special form of school education, military training plays an irreplaceable role in cultivating and improving students' quality。Through the military training, the students not only learned the basic knowledge of the queue, but also learned about the PLAHard work, hard-working, brave and tenacious,perseveranceThe fine tradition of。For several days, the instructors did their job,Teach by example and wordSerious, meticulous, patient, showing firm political convictions, excellent organizational skills, strictOrganizational disciplineAnd excellent military quality, is a model for all students to learn。During the military training, the students can train strictly, carefully understand each military posture, and train repeatedly, so that the ranks are neat and in step。Although some students were physically ill during the period, they still clenched their teeth, insisted on training, and completed the military training task with quality and quantity。Through a few days of military training, the students' spiritual outlook has undergone gratifying changes, civilized quality,Organizational discipline性、Solidarity and cooperationThere has been a noticeable improvement in spirit。The students also have a preliminary understanding of our school, to understand the worthy of your trust of the class teacher and the students who walk alongside you。Today's opening ceremony means the official start of high school life, marking that you have become a real sense of the host。We came to Susong Middle School with a common ideal, pursuit and unshakable faith, which is the concentric edge of all the people in the hostel。I would like to express my special thanks to all the students and your parents for choosing Susong Middle School and taking it as the hot land to realize your life dreams. Susong Middle School will be more glorious and full of hope because of your unregretted choice。

    Susong Middle School, founded in 1939 when the war was raging, is a provincial demonstration high school with a long history and glorious tradition, and is the cradle of cultivating outstanding talents in our county。Liu Qibao, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, Li Yadong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Tsinghua University, Chen Huanan, a famous plastic surgery expert, Hong Qinghua, founder of LVMama Travel network, and a number of outstanding talents are your seniors。Since the new century, under the correct leadership of the county Party committee, the government and the county Education Bureau, through the hard work of the majority of staff, selfless dedication and the diligent efforts of the students, forge ahead, the school has formed a good teaching style and learning style, and the college entrance examination has been brilliant。This year's college entrance examination, a line rate of 64%, undergraduate above the line rate of nearly 94%, creating a new history of college entrance examination。It also makes Susong Middle School among the first phalanx of Anqing education。Zhou Huimin and Wang Linguang won the top prize in arts and science in the county respectively。A large number of outstanding students have been admitted to Tsinghua University, Peking University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Science and Technology of China, Fudan University, Southern University, Zhejiang University and other famous universities in China for further study。I also hope that after three years, your college entrance examination can create new and greater brilliance!

    Students, the new school year opens new hopes, a new journey carries new dreams。In order to make our dream come true, I would like to put forward some hopes and requirements to the students:

    First, establish a confidence: I can do it, I hope the students become the "master of learning"。

    Self-confidence is very important to our study。When we read and study, we need determination, confidence and action。The ocean of knowledge is so vast。If we are always in a passive state of learning, we will never be the master of learning, but will only produce boredom。As long as everyone is clear about their learning goals,Develop your patience,Master the right way to study,Develop good study habits,One more thought,One more observation,Dare to explore,Take the initiative to learn,Then you will find that there is infinite sweetness in this hard work,There is more gain in this effort!I hope you are under the guidance of teachers,Adapt to high school study life as soon as possible,Conscious active learning,Get moving in class,Make the class come alive,Turn "classroom" into "School",Change "I will learn" to "I will learn",Truly become the "Master of Learning",Lay a solid foundation for the study of senior two and three years。

     Second, cultivate a habit: voluntarily, I hope the students become a "model of discipline"。

    Academic progress depends on self-awareness。We should strictly follow the "Code of Conduct for Middle school students" and "Code of Conduct for Middle School students" to demand themselves, cultivate their good learning habits, living habits, labor habits, health habits, civilized and polite habits, do not do evil and small, do not do good and small。Focus on developing your own developmental habits。Ye Shengtao, a famous educator, once said, "The whole meaning of education is to cultivate habits.。High School is at the critical point of cultivating and forming habits。The famous educator Sun Yunxiao once said: if you form a good habit, you will enjoy its interest for a lifetime;If you develop a bad habit, you will never be able to pay off its debt。The habits of yesterday have made us who we are today, and the habits of today will determine who we will be tomorrow。Our school is a big family, each brother and sister must sincerely contribute to this big family, the school is the common wealth of all of us。When you break a piece of glass, have you ever blamed yourself for your mistake?When you and your classmates quarrel because of a small matter, have you ever thought about your ignorance and impulse?When you have a problem with your teacher because you don't pay attention in class, have you ever thought about how much other students may dislike your behavior?As long as we take responsibility for our actions, we can be a model of discipline。

    Third, create an environment: civilized and orderly, I hope students become "civilized messengers"。

    Our campus is full of vitality, the cultural atmosphere is pleasing to the eye, the modern teaching equipment is improving, all these are hard-won, so we should cherish and love, to ensure that the campus is evergreen and new, clean and beautiful。To do this, we must start from each of us, from our hand, a vote, a kind greeting, a knowing smile, a trusting eyes to find the answer。Each class is a microcosm of the school, each student represents the image of the school, to remember that "into the door of the hostel, is the person in the hostel;When you go out of the door, you must have the soul of the night。Consciously practice the core values of socialism, and achieve civilized language and behavior。Take good care of every plant and tree in the school, do not spit, do not throw paper scraps and debris, and consciously maintain the environmental health of the school and classes;Obey traffic rules outside school to enhance safety awareness;Do not play mobile phones, do not go into Internet cafes, game halls, do not smoke and drink;Respect parents at home。In the society, be a patriotic, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, civilized and polite excellent citizen。

    "Teenage thoughts should be taken as clouds",classmates,Start from today,You will embark on a new beginning,I hope you come up with the "born I will be useful" confidence,Take out the perseverance of "blowing the yellow sand to gold",Take out the courage to "hang the cloud sail to the sea",To meet the baptism of life,Through efforts to achieve the lofty ideal of nine days。
    "Whoever is practicing in the air will see who is living in the house today."。Teachers and students, at the time of our graduation, which coincides with the 80th anniversary of the founding of our school, let us summon up our courage and work hard for three years to hand in a satisfactory answer for the people of Susong and the teachers and students of the whole school, and offer a great gift for the 80th anniversary of the school。Dear students, the school is looking forward to your takeoff, the motherland is looking forward to your flying。The bright future must belong to you!
    Tomorrow is the 32nd Teacher's Day in our country, here, on behalf of the school, I wish all the teachers and instructors good health, family happiness, smooth work, all the best, happy holidays!I wish the students in the future study and life healthy growth, happy life, learning progress, all your wishes come true!

    Thank you all!

Thanks for reading, and welcome back!