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Go out to observe and learn, and cultivate professional literacy
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Go out to observe and learn, and cultivate professional literacy

-- Summary of high school mathematics young teachers' quality class activities in Anhui Province

Autumn October, clear sky, cool and comfortable。In this season full of harvest, we came to the shape and Wu Chu, gas more Huaiyang Chuzhou to observe the provincial quality class competition。In the classroom, young and middle-aged teachers can actively carry out teacher-student interaction, teaching design innovation, teaching content close to the reality, especially the use of modern information technology such as multimedia, which reflects the superiority of modern teaching means。The activities of the quality class competition for young and middle-aged teachers are summarized as follows:

Sun Hanyu, a teacher from Chuzhou Middle School in Anhui Province, was given the topic of Cauchy inequality and ranking inequality。Teacher Sun started with Zhao Shuang's string diagram,The situation is created from the Pythagorean theorem,Extraction theorem,The process is simple and natural;Then ask students to form a rectangle with four identical triangles in two groups,Manual operation,Discovery theorem,Give full play to students' subjective initiative,And impressed the students;Then the theorem is given by algebraic proof,The theorem is proved using the most common method of difference,Make it easy for students to understand;Then the theorem is explained by the combination of high and high numbers and shapes,Vivid image;Finally, the theorem is analyzed,Analyze its structure,And ask students to use it in a simple way。In this lesson, Teacher Han's teaching style is natural, moderate speed, good interaction with students, and progressive knowledge, which is worthy of our learning。

The topic selected by teacher Chen Xiaoling from Tunxi No. 1 Middle School is an application example of functional model。Teacher Chen starts from a practical problem,The basic model is established,Link function images and properties,Highlight the cultivation of students' ability of abstract generalization and reading comprehension;Adapt to existing knowledge in the course of teaching,Take the student as the carrier,The development of group learning activities is natural,The whole process goes from counting to shape to counting,Fully respect the development of students' understanding ability,And closely related to reality,This kind of teaching method and mode is worthy of our reference。

Teacher Wang Lili from Ma 'anshan No. 2 Middle School also impressed us with her lecture on any corner。Mr. Wang explained his understanding of the textbook in fluent language, fully reflecting the teaching concept of the new curriculum, and to the focus, clear and clear, with the study method to guide the teaching method, guide students to study independently, explore themselves, personally experience the process of solving problems, pay attention to life mathematics, from the known knowledge to solve new problems。Whether it is the personal image or the design of the course, it shows a good basic quality and educational teaching theory。

Through the quality class competition, we have not only trained the teachers, but also set a benchmark for young and middle-aged teachers. We have not only seen a good wind of learning and research, but also found a group of young and middle-aged teachers with great development potential in teaching business。This competition truly reflects the selection function, demonstration function, leading function。It is more meaningful to use this evaluation mechanism to motivate teachers to be enthusiastic about their careers, to study their own business, and to promote the improvement of education and teaching quality。We all know that the process of education focuses on classroom teaching. Only by grasping the main channel of classroom teaching can our education develop efficiently。That is why we pay special attention to classroom teaching and make great efforts to study the rules and methods of classroom teaching, the way teachers teach and the way students learn and so on。

Susong Middle School Mathematics teaching and research group: Wu Caoqing Deng Xianpeng


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