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The special report on "Focusing on High-quality Development of Education" was held in Susong Middle School
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The special report on "Focusing on High-quality Development of Education" was held in Susong Middle School
    On the afternoon of November 30, the "Focusing on high-quality Education Development Symposium" jointly organized by the County Education Bureau and Susong Middle School was held in the lecture hall of the library of Susong Middle School, and the principals of primary and secondary schools in the county attended the meeting。The conference invited three alumni, Li Yadong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Si Xuejuan, principal of Beijing 12th Middle School Affiliated Primary School, and Wang Dingyong, principal of Jiangsu Yanqiao Middle School, to make special presentations。Zhang Yongxi, deputy head of the county of Susong People's Government, attended the meeting and made a speech. The meeting was presided over by Wu Yuntao, director of the County Education Bureau。
    Zhang Yongxi extended a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the experts and alumni attending the meeting。Zhang Yongxi fully affirmed the achievements of education work in Susong County in recent years, and put forward specific requirements for future work。Zhang Yongxi pointed out that it is our common responsibility to run education well, and I hope that the principals can recognize their responsibilities and missions, gather their hearts, and promote the great leap and development of Susong education。
    Academician Li Yadong delivered a speech。Academician Li pointed out the important role of education in the country's economic and social development, and for Su Song, the importance of education is self-evident。He pointed out the relationship between educating people and educating talents, schools should not only educate talents, but also educate people, and he expressed deep respect for the principals and teachers who stick to the front line of basic education in his hometown。Academician Li's speech is short and deep, and the words are full of deep hometown feelings!

    Subsequently, Si Xuejuan alumni and Wang Dingyong alumni made special reports on "Running a high quality, friendly and sustainable School" and "New Definition of Education under the proposition of Life Value" respectively。The reports of the two experts conveyed new ideas and concepts, full of humanistic quality and nurturing feelings。
    Wu Yuntao made a concluding speech。Wu Yuntao pointed out that the expert's report interrogated the soul of educators and set a new benchmark for the high-quality development of Susong education。Focusing on the high-quality development of education is related to the future of Susong and the future of education。(Contribution: Jin Zhaohui)                             

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