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Susong Middle School 80th anniversary celebration event Thank you announcement
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Susong Middle School was established80Announcement of thanks for the anniversary celebration

Eighty years of spring and autumn fruit, eighty years of fire。The celebration of the 80th anniversary of Susong Middle School came to an end safely and smoothly。The event is titled "Review of school history,Continue to write the education chapter "as the theme,In the spirit of grand enthusiasm, thrift and pragmatism,Successfully organized and held a painting and calligraphy photography exhibition, campus culture and art festival,The school history Hall was inaugurated,Alumni returned to their Alma mater to plant trees and donate cultural stones, statues of Confucius and statues of Tao Xingzhi,Education forum and a series of activities,It embodies the original intention of "cultural school celebration" and "academic school celebration"。Above all1130The celebration conference and art performance held grandly on Sunday were a complete success and were highly praised by leaders at all levels, the majority of alumni and all sectors of society。

  The success of the 80th anniversary celebration benefited from the care of leaders at all levels and the strong support of all sectors of society。Since the preparation of the event, alumni at home and abroad have paid great attention to it and contributed their ideas in various ways.Colleges and universities inside and outside the province, brother schools and people from all walks of life visited the school to participate in the celebration activities, or sent congratulatory letters and messages, blessing videos, etc., which fully reflected the sincere care and deep friendship for Susong Middle School。Here, we are full of gratitude and gratitude, and express our sincere thanks to all the leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life who care and support the development of Susong Middle School!


  During the school celebration, guests and friends gathered, the school reception service work in the improper place, please forgive me!

Individuals who sent congratulatory letters and messages or visited in person, as well as colleges and universities, fraternal schools and units

(in no particular order)

Liu Qibao, Wang Yingchun, Wang Yunni, Yin Zhijun, Xie Chungu  Wang Qiugui  Wang Haotian

Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China,

Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Southeast University,

South China University of Technology, Nankai University, Sichuan University,

Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,

Shandong University, University of International Business and Economics, Harbin Engineering University,

Xidian University, Jilin University, Northeastern University,

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,

Lanzhou University,  Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Anhui University

Anhui University of Technology, Anhui Institute of Science and Technology, Anhui Normal University,

Anhui Medical University, Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, Anqing Normal University,

Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University,

Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Chaohu University,

Northeast Forestry University, Northeast Agricultural University, Donghua University,

Guangxi University, Huaibei Normal University, Hefei University of Technology,

Hefei Normal University, Hohai University, Taiyuan University of Technology

Hunan Normal University, Jinan University, Nanjing Agricultural University,

Nanjing Normal University, Shanghai International Studies University, Sichuan Agricultural University,

Suzhou University, Tianjin University, Tianjin Medical University, Northwest University,

Northwest Polytechnical University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Zhengzhou University,

Communication University of China, China University of Geosciences, Ocean University of China,

China University of Mining and Technology, China Agricultural University, China University of Petroleum (Beijing),

China University of Petroleum (East China), China Pharmaceutical University, Chongqing Jiaotong University

Tao Li Network Technology, Easy Special Group Co., LTD., Zhuhai Anqing Chamber of Commerce,

Auspicious Star Technology Company, Songzi Education Foundation, Gujing Gong Wine,

Iflytek, Shengxue Online, Zhongan Online, all 94 alumni,

Liuxi Machinery Co., LTD.

Anqing No. 1 Middle School, Bengbu No. 2 Middle School, Chuzhou Middle School,

Hefei Luyang Senior High School, Dingyuan Middle School, Guangde Middle School,

Lujiang Middle School, Lujiang County, Anhui Leqiao Middle School, Dongzhi No. 2 Middle School, East to Zhaotan Middle School,

Feixi No. 3 Middle School, Fengyang Middle School, Zongyang County Fushan Middle School, Fuyang No. 10 Middle School,

He County No. 4 Middle School, Huining County No. 2 Middle School, Huining Middle School, Huaibei No. 4 Middle School,

Mengcheng No. 8 Middle School,  Shouxian No. 1 Middle School, Taihu Park Middle School,

Tongcheng Middle School, Tongling Experimental High School, Guoyang No. 1 Middle School, Wuhu County No. 1 Middle School,

Xiaoxian Huangkou Middle School, Xiuning Middle School, Changfeng County Beicheng Ligao School,

Taihu Middle School, Anhui Taihe Middle School, Shouxian Anfeng Senior High School,

Songan Vocational and Technical School, Yi County Middle School,   

Guzhen No.1 Middle School  Guzhen county Liu centralized school  Shucheng Middle School,

Taihu County Mituo middle School  Yuexi secondary  Yuexi County Tangchi middle school 

Anqing ninth middle School  Taihu No. 2 Middle School  Huang Mei No.1 Middle School  Huangmei County Binjiang middle School

Fuxing Middle School affiliated to Anhui Normal University  Yeshai Middle school   Qianshan secondary

Buried Mountain No. 2 Middle School  Huangpu Middle School, Qianshan  Pengze No. 1 Middle School  Wangjiang No.2 Middle School

Fuyu Town people's government  People's Government of Zhoutou Township, People's Government of Hetai Township,

Liuping Township People's Government   Broken Liang town people's government  Pass township people's government

Huikou Town people's government   Jiugu Township People's Government  Erlang Town People's Government

Liangting Town people's government   Qianling Township people's government  Chenhan Township people's government


Due to the short preparation time and poor communication of information, the data is inevitably incomplete。If there is anything missing, please forgive me and contact the school office。

Contact number:0556-7836556


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