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Susong Middle School held the unveiling ceremony of the statue of Tao Xingzhi donated by the Class of 79 alumni
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Susong Middle School held the inauguration ceremony of the statue of Tao Xingzhi donated by the 79th class alumni

    On November 29, the statue of Tao Xingzhi donated by the 79th class of Susong Middle School alumni was completed in front of the school library。Statue height 2.3米,重2.8吨。President Luo Zhao and the alumni jointly held an unveiling ceremony for the statue。Cheng Kangshi, head of the personnel Unit of the County Education Bureau and an alumnus, presided over the ceremony。
    Former Guizhou Tongren Military Region commander, alumni Ouyang Qing and alumni Chairman Wang Zhixiang delivered speeches。They reviewed the unforgettable learning process in the Alma mater, recalled the unforgettable years of getting along with the students day and night, Tao Xingzhi "holding a heart, not taking half a grass to go" is the best portrayal of the Alma mater teachers lofty professional ethics。The speech expresses the deep attachment to the Alma mater, the deep gratitude to the teachers, and wishes the Alma mater will have a better tomorrow!
    President Luo Zhao expressed his sincere gratitude to the Class of 79 alumni for not forgetting their teachers and caring for their Alma mater。The completion of the sculpture adds another beautiful landscape to the campus and further enhances the cultural taste and cultural atmosphere of the campus。The school will live up to the expectations of alumni and redouble its efforts to build Susong Middle School into a "first-class school in Anhui" as soon as possible!(Contribution: Jin Zhaohui)

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