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Susong Middle School carried out the theme of "Youth heart to the Party, Contribute to a new era"
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  On May 1, the young volunteers of Susong Middle School gathered in front of the administration building at 9:00 AM。At around 9:30, the volunteers wore league badges and shoulder straps and walked neatly toward the Shanshui Park。

  Along the way, two red flags flew in the air, and the red emblem showed its golden luster under the sun。When they arrived at Shanshui Park, the young volunteers took active action, some cleaning plastic bags in the park pool, some carrying bags into the green belt to pick up garbage, and some are responsible for "running errands" to remove garbage, all of them are full of energy and happy to "beauty" for Shanshui Park.。Their behavior won the praise of the visitors, but also led to the active participation of children playing in the park。

  After nearly one and a half hours of cleaning, the environmental condition of the park has been significantly improved。Seeing the results of their labor, the volunteers had a happy smile on their faces, and at the same time, they also used their own actions to truly practice the "youth heart to the Party.,The pledge to build a new era.。

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