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Speech at the flag-raising ceremony
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Speech at the flag-raising ceremony


Dear teachers and students,

  The new semester we held the first national flag ceremony here, in the magnificent national song, see the bright five-star red flag rising, everyone's heart of the heroic sentiment arises spontaneously。Today is...99Sunday, tomorrow是第35On Teacher's Day, please allow me, on behalf of the school, to express our high respect to all teachers and a warm welcome to all the new students of high school!

   High school is the most critical stage in life。The college entrance examination is not only a fateful exam, but also a rare experience。There is a saying that the college entrance examination is a rite of passage for every young student。Only after the test and baptism of the college entrance examination, your heart will become strong。Everyone's way is their own choice, can really change you only yourself, if you want to change yourself, first to hone the heart, the heart is really strong。After three years of high school campus life, each student should gradually form a value identity, behavior habits, learning methods and life attitude, so that the elements supporting life into your blood, rooted in your heart, nourish you to thrive。

    High school is also an unforgettable experience in life。Shuzhong is committed to making every student who comes to this fertile land live in harmony and flourish, so that everyone can becomeuniqueOf himself,You have your good, I have my good。No matter how the score is when you enter the school, you are standing on the same starting line when you come to the hostel, you are the only one of your parents, the teacher's baby, and you should try your best to learn and succeed, so that the hostel can become a proudest experience on the road of your life。

   There is a phrase calledYou catch freshman year, you catch high schoolThe key word of high school is习惯。Every new student should adapt to the high school life as soon as possible, adapt to the teacher's teaching style, adapt to the students' living habits, adapt to the characteristics of steep slope in learning and high density of knowledge, adjust the state, and enter the role as soon as possible, who can adapt quickly will take the advantage。High school students, are you ready?

    There's a phrase calledIf you catch the sophomore year, you catch the college entrance examThe key word for sophomore year is拼搏。Students after more than a year of environmental influence, perception, after examining their own high school life gains and losses, you should feel the shoulder that heavy responsibility, should think about why we set out, where to go?Keep asking yourself if you're focused and engaged? Students, at this moment nap, you will dream, at this moment study, you will interpret the dream, two years later the harvest depends on today's dedication, tenacious struggle and unremitting efforts。After two years of college entrance examination competition rivals are not around, but in the province。Do not stay inI was pretty good in Susong CountyComplacent and complacent on the results, we must have the courage and action to stand in the top ten and one hundred in the province。Students, there is no impossible, love to fight will win, through, is a sunny day。Sophomore class, can you do this?

   There's a phrase calledCatch the third year, you catch the lifeThe key words of senior three are坚持。Persistence is the best answer to dreams。It is not that we have the opportunity to insist, but that we have the opportunity to insist, not that I am ruthless to insist on you, because we have no choice。The college entrance examination, almost everyone's life must pass a hurdle, can not be avoided and difficult to give up。Now we can choose only their own attitude, that is, one mind, one breath, light, fight, rush once, so that life has no regrets, let the youth have no regrets, enjoy the happiness brought by learning and at the same time bring the sour, sweet, bitter, pressure responsibility。Students, you must have tempered faith, challenge the limit of perseverance and give me who the spirit, study and study, insist on insist, try to work hard, want to ordinary people dare not think, to endure ordinary people can not endure, to do ordinary people dare not do。Youth is for us to struggle。Heaven rewards the diligent, learn to reward the bitter, please believe that our sweat will not flow in vain, our sweat will land gold。What every class in the dorm can do, you can do, and do better。You have the responsibility and the power to write history and create miraclesSenior three students, do you have confidence?

  Students, you are the hope of the dormitory, the campus is vibrant because of you, and the teachers are proud of you。I sincerely hope that you will become good students with high aspirations, noble character, elegant conversation and excellent study。No matter what difficulties you encounter, you will not change your original intention, no matter what setbacks you encounter, you will stick to it。Success and victory, always belong to those who have lofty ideals, tenacious perseverance, firm faith。Competitive society to each of us put forward higher requirements, do not work hard to improve their own will not be able to meet the needs of The Times, each of us should have this sense of urgency, and strive to make themselves becomeThere are ideals, morality, culture, disciplineThe builder and successor of the socialist cause of all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical beauty。

  Teachers, students, let us hand in hand, together in the same boat, breathing the same fate, and strive to make Susong Middle School into a national well-known, Anhui first-class school!

  Thank you all!

Thanks for reading, and welcome back!