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Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of Senior Three in 2020 (Deng Zhengqiu)
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2020 senior graduation speech
Deng Zhengqiu
Dear leaders, teachers, dear students:
    Hello, everyone!
    Today, we are gathered here to solemnly hold the graduation ceremony of the senior three students of Susong Middle School 2020。I am honored to be the representative of senior three teachers,My most sincere congratulations to all the graduating seniors: Congratulations on your successful completion of high school!Congratulations on your efforts,With excellent performance for their own life handed over a perfect answer!Congratulations on starting a new journey in your lives,The sky is wider in the future!I wish you a more wonderful life in the future!meanwhile,I also want to express my deep respect to the teachers who have trained you for three years!I would like to express my gratitude to all the parents who support the work of the school and the class teacher.
    Time passed, the sun and the moon quickly, three years more than a thousand days in such a hurry。Before we have time to remember the face of each of you, the graduation song has sounded: today is the fragrance of peaches and plums, tomorrow is the pillars of society...Looking back, the bits and pieces of the three years flashed through my mind clearly。Three years ago, students with ideals and hopes, shouldering the parents' trust, stepped into Susong Middle School, began high school life。Over the past three years, the students have worked side by side, grown up together and formed a deep friendship。High school three years of youth, is a lifetime unforgettable growth process, is the most passionate, the most poetic life experience。In the past three years,You read with each other in the classroom,Left your laughter;You're in shape on the field,Filled with the passion of your youth;Last year you attended Juju's 80th anniversary,The success stories of the alumni set a good example for the students,Encourage students to work hard;Senior three students have experienced a special period: online teaching during the epidemic,Wear a mask when classes resume,The students overcame many difficulties,Work hard。In the past three years, there have been successes and growing pains。Three years of trials and hardships, three years of continuous search, three years of inspirational training, the students came step by step, a little mature up, and finally arrived at the harvest season。These three wonderful years of youth will surely become the most precious memories in your life。
    All good things come to an end, and parting comes as expected。Once the classmate is about to sail away, once the days have gradually become a memory。Students, no matter how far you go, Alma mater will always be your home, teachers will always cheer for you, bless you。I hope that after graduation, you often go back to your Alma mater to see that there are footprints of your struggle。We are here to meet, 19 years later will be the centennial of the school, when the students are young and successful, looking forward to the students with excellent results to report to the Alma mater。
High school graduation is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey。High school three years for the students is just a life journey of a post, to truly become the pillars of the country, there is still a long way to go。On the road of life in the future, I look forward to the students: you love each other, support each other;You can learn to be grateful, understand tolerance;You can face the future with confidence and independence。
    classmates,You are about to go far,Embark on a new journey,Please bring your Alma mater teacher's exhortation: in the future days,I hope you continue to surpass yourselves,Make your life dream come true;In the days to come,May you pursue happiness and joy,Confident and optimistic,Be positive;In the days to come,Hope you have love and responsibility;In the days to come,Always put your health first,Let your physical and mental health be clear,No matter how busy study, work,Do more exercise,Take care of your health。
    Students, you are about to enter the exam hall, the college entrance examination is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you。Twelve years of cold window to study hard, dripping water through the college entrance examination, such as song years should have no regrets, riding the wind and waves show heroic talent, Toad Hall won when sometimes!I hope the students with a normal heart to treat, adjust their mentality, go all out, and actively prepare for the exam。To know the high school three years, especially the third year, the students have paid how much hard sweat, experienced countless times of intensive training, familiar with a variety of questions, laid a solid foundation。The students have already made up their minds, we are not afraid of the college entrance examination。I hope the students in the examination room, build up confidence, calm face!Heaven rewards the diligent, the steel, this July college entrance examination, the students will show the edge!
    I wish the students success in the college entrance examination, dreams come true, smooth sailing in the future life, and a bright future!Thank you all!
                                                                            June 28, 2020

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