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Susong middle school Party branch held an organization life
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In order to further promote the construction of grassroots party organizations, according to the deployment and requirements of the Party Committee of the Susong County Education Bureau,328On the evening of Sunday, the General Party Branch of Susong Middle School held an organizational meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor。The meeting was presided over by Luo Zhao, Secretary of the General Branch of the Party, Vice presidents Zhang Weizhong, Tang Renbing, Hu Weiqun attended the meeting and members of the branches attended the meeting。

Luo Zhao, secretary of the General Party Branch, first informed the meeting for opinions, and then reported the work of the Party branch and the problems existing in the construction of the Party branch in the past year, and deeply analyzed the causes of the problems, and put forward the direction of efforts and rectification measures。The committee members closely focus on the center of "one change, two for five" and comply with political discipline, style construction, performance of duties and implementation of organizational life system, closely combined with the actual work, to carry out self-criticism and mutual comments。

The meeting atmosphere is harmonious, the self-analysis is deep, the criticism is realistic, accept criticism and express sincerity。After more than two hours of warm exchanges, the members identified the gap, made clear the direction, and achieved the purpose of touching the mind, strengthening unity, and promoting work。(Liu Nanqiao)


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