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The General Party Branch of Susong Middle School carried out "Learning Party history, remembering martyrs, and welcoming the 20" Red revolutionary traditional education activities
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   In order to further promote the study and education of Party history, carry forward the revolutionary tradition, and feel the mission of the original heart, on August 2, the General Party Branch of the CPC Susong Middle School carried out a red revolutionary traditional education activity with the theme of "Learning Party history, remembering martyrs, and welcoming the 20th Congress"。

   In the Duxiuyuan Memorial Hall, we revisited the glorious course of the early founding of the Communist Party of China。One touching photo, one precious handwriting, to Mr. Chen Duxiu's contribution to the founding and construction of the Communist Party of China has a deeper understanding。

   In Deng Jiaxian's former residence, through pictures, archives, paintings, sculptures and other forms of art, understand Deng Jiaxian's life story and historical achievements。During the visit, everyone was impressed by the personality charm of Deng Jiaxian, the "two-bomb hero" who was indifferent to fame and fortune and willing to be lonely, and the spirit quality of hard work and selfless dedication。
   At the Dabie Mountain Martyrs Cemetery, everyone walked to the martyrs Cemetery monument, presented flower baskets, bowed, and expressed their deep memory and high respect for the martyrs。Facing the bright party flag, under the leadership of Luo Zhao, secretary of the General Branch of the Party, revisited the oath to join the Party。Through the explanation of the interpreter, everyone once again felt the noble spirit of the revolutionary martyrs who risked their lives for the cause of communism, and felt the hard-won success of the revolution。

   This activity not only enriched the form of Party history learning, but also made every Party member be baptized by the "Red Revolution"。Party members have said that they will always bear in mind and carry forward the revolutionary tradition, keep the original heart to carry out the mission, based on their own work, do a good job of teaching and educating people, help the high-quality development of school education with practical actions, and meet the Party's 20 victory with excellent results。(Liu Nanqiao)

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