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Susong Middle School held the 2023 spring semester opening work
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The year of the tiger has gone to the warm spring breeze, and the rabbit is happy at first。In order to timely convey the spirit of the meeting of higher education departments, research and deployment2023The spring semester began to work,24On the morning of Sunday, Susong Middle School held a meeting for the beginning of the spring semester. All the administrative staff and teachers attended the meeting。

At the meeting, Zhang Weizhong, secretary of the General Party Branch, conveyed the spirit of the higher education departments, informed the feedback of the inspection team of the county Party Committee, and asked all comrades to make strict plans, carry the responsibility on their shoulders, do solid work, and push the school work to a new height in the New Year。Secretary Zhang especially stressed the ideological work of the school, requiring the whole school staff to effectively improve the political position, strengthen theoretical learning, so as to speak politics, have faith, speak rules, have discipline, speak morality, have conduct, speak dedication, and make achievements。

Each person in charge has arranged and deployed their respective work。

President Hu Weiqun made a concluding speech。He stressed that there is no waiting for the success, only the wonderful。All departments should quickly adjust their mentality, effectively improve the school system, and ensure that the spring semester work is smooth and orderly。All teachers should quickly adjust their status and devote themselves to the teaching work of the new semester with full spirit。The new semester, the whole schoolAs the first word,Word first, the original mission of teaching and educating people into the soul, into action, so that the role of practical work has become the most distinctive theme of the school, the most exciting melody, and strive to do a good job of people's satisfaction with education。(Yu Zhanpeng)

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