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Susong Middle School to carry out "Arbor Day" voluntary tree planting activities
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今年312Japan is our country's first45Arbor Day, in order to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, to guide the teachers and students of our school in-depth implementationClear waters and green mountains are invaluable assetsThe concept of development, under the leadership of the school's General Party branch, the school Youth League Committee was organizedA voluntary tree planting activity with the theme of "I inherit the spirit of Lei Feng, youth shines in the new era" was carried out。Zhang Weizhong, Secretary of the General Party Branch of the school, President Hu Weiqun, vice president Shi Yayou, some staff of secondary institutions and student volunteers participated in the activity。

Tree planting scene, a busy orderly, hot scene。Under the leadership of the school leaders, we work together and cooperate with each other, or straighten the saplings, shovel the soil, or fill the tree pits, step on the new soil, or lift water to water the trees, and cultivate the earth cofferdam. Each link is closely connected and orderly, and we plant the next piece togetheryucailinThe saplings stand in the wind, radiating vitality and adding a touch of spring to the campus。

It takes ten years to grow trees and a hundred years to grow people。This voluntary tree-planting activity has brought different labor experience to the students, enhanced the students' environmental awareness and ecological awareness in practice, and also carried forward the spirit of Lei Feng。(Zhang Bijun Zhang Shuzhen)

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