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Susong Middle School "learn from Lei Feng" volunteer service activities into Susong County special education school
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The spring breeze in March is warm, and the spirit of Lei Feng accompanies me。In order to further study and promote the spirit of Lei Feng, improve the civilized quality of students in the hostel,316On the same day, under the leadership of Xu Weihua, vice principal of Susong Middle School, Zhang Shuzhen, secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Li Guohong, deputy director of the Office of Political Education, the volunteers walked into Susong County Special Education School to carry out volunteer service activities of "Inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng and shining in the new era of youth"。

When they arrived at the special education school, the volunteers first learned about the learning and living conditions of the children in the special education school, and then sent them fruits, snacks and other gifts。In a few hours of getting along, the volunteers and the children mingle, tell the children stories, perform the program, they sing, dance, draw, play games together, the activity scene from the bursts of laughter。The volunteers said that the children's innocence and loveliness gave them a spiritual baptism, and they also hope to do their own small efforts to help them。

Lei Feng spirit is the spirit of selfless dedication without selfishness and dedicated to benefiting others。It is believed that through this activity, the young volunteers will be guided by the spirit of Lei Feng, the love in their hearts and the spirit of dedication will always follow, and the spirit of Lei Feng and the new style of civilization will continue in everyone。(Zhang Bijun)

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