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2023 Anhui Province Susong Middle School campus Recruitment teacher physical examination, inspection notice (2)
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我校2023The vacancy of English, chemistry and other positions in campus recruitment is due to the candidates' abandonment of the examination qualification.2023Susong Middle School campus Recruitment teacher announcement in Anhui Province,According to the same post applicants interview results from high to low scores in order to make up the same amount,Determine Shen Xingxing, Shi Luoxiang two comrades for the physical examination, inspection replacement object。Physical examination time is2023626Sunday morning8The deadline for submission of inspection materials is6 30日。Other matters related to physical examination and investigation shall be followed328Published on Tuesday2023Susong Middle School campus recruitment teacher physical examination notice implementation。

Physical examination, inspection replacement personnel

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Shen Xingxing




Shi Luoxiang







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