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Thousands of miles of connecting words national defense cloud together build the dream of a powerful country | Susong Middle School held a military training show and opening ceremony for freshmen in high school
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Row hard, sail for the dream。96On the morning of Sunday, Susong Middle School held a grand ceremony in the school track and field stadium2023Freshman military training Show and opening ceremony, for a period6Days of military training to draw a successful end。

为贯彻落实习近平总书记关于加强全民国防教育的重要指示精神,帮助未成年人树立国防观念,增强国防意识,培养全民爱国主义精神。Our school attaches great importance to this military training show and opening ceremony. Compared with previous years, the content is richer, the forms are more diverse, the theme is more distinct, and the effect is more far-reaching。

The first item of the opening ceremony is to raise the same flag with a brigade of coastal defense "Love One Home Together" cloud-connected defense education campaign。County leaders Lu Changjiang, Lin Lixia, Bu Aiwen, Li Jinrong, Zhang Bin attended, the county Ministry of Manpower and Armed Forces, double Chong Office, veterans Affairs Bureau, Education Bureau and other relevant responsible persons attended。In addition, some representatives of military families and veterans also participated in the event。

上午8At the same time, the heroic national flag guard took a forceful step to escort the national flag into the entrance。Coastal defense officers and students and teachers of the whole school sang the national anthem online and offline, and the bright five-star red flag rose slowly in the magnificent national anthem, and the activity officially kicked off。Then the students and officers and soldiers interactive question and answer, military family connection, military wives representative speech and other links。The wonderful "cloud classroom" of national defense education sows red seeds in the hearts of students。

Next, the wonderful military training performance officially began。The national flag team and each class team walked through the rostrum with their heads held high under the leadership of the instructors, and this group of teenagers who experienced the hot sun and wind and rain baptism, with firm faith and unyielding spirit, accepted the inspection of the leaders and teachers with the most high spirit。 

A military dress show style, heroic youth。A numerical phalanx of elites from each class,Dagger operation phalanx, baton shield phalanx, tactical performance phalanx followed by a wonderful performance。The students presented a audio-visual feast with a wonderful performance, and won bursts of applause and applause from the audience!

After the performance, Vice President Zhang Songlin read out the list of training pacesetters and advanced groups, and in the warm applause, the school leaders issued certificates of honor to the award-winning students and classes。

高一(19) Class Chen Zihan, Senior One (9Class Director Xu Feiling, Senior One (20The parents of Wang Yi in class spoke as freshmen representatives, class teacher representatives and parents representatives respectively。

Then President Hu Weiqun delivered a speech。He saysToday's opening ceremony means that the students' high school life has officially begun, marking that the students have become a real sense of the host。President Hu also gave three words to the freshmen。One is to be a dreamer。As students in the hostel, they should have clear goals and ideals, and make practical plans to interpret the "study diligently, think well, cultivate oneself and practice" style of study in the hostel with actions and wisdom。The second is to form good habits。Hostel students should abandon the habit of complaining about others, complaining about the collective, complaining about the society, and abandon the habit of thinking that they are not calm and self-centered when things happen.Every student in the hostel should cherish life, care about others, love the collective, cherish the nature of ordinary people, cast elite temperament, have the world ambition, and be the future master。Third, learn to be grateful。Gratitude is a kind of life wisdom, but also learn to be a man, have a bright life fulcrum。A grateful heart is a seed of peace and a spiritual realm of pursuing sunshine in life。We should learn to be grateful to our parents, who let us have a good life now;We should be grateful to teachers, who love, care, encourage and accompany us to grow in life;We should be grateful to the school, it is the school that allows us to enjoy quality education;We should also be grateful to our classmates and care for each other。

Finally, Zheng Zhenjia, member of the Party Committee of the Susong County Education Bureau, expressed warm congratulations to our school for successfully holding the military training show and opening ceremony for freshmen in high school。

Thousands of miles of connection words national defense cloud build a dream of powerful countries。2023The military training of freshmen has ended successfully, but the high school life of the students has just begun.The pace of new students in the future will be more firm, with their own wisdom and sweat to write more wonderful stories!(Zhang Yin)

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